Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Previous #MPSHaveringLive Events and some Press

This post is an archive of what happened in past Events and how that was reported. To see the tweets as they happened, scroll through the twitter widget on the right - the first tweet using the #MPSHaveringLive was made on 19 Nov 2014 (embedded below).

20 Nov 2014 A selection of Calls tweeted (23) of over 330+ total calls.

22 Jan 15 A selection of Calls tweeted (26), including the story that made the press: Dude, where's my car? Police tweet every call they get in 12 hours but first is from someone forgetting where they PARKED (Daily Mail)

19 Feb 2015 A selection of Calls tweeted (36).

16 June 2015 A selection of Calls tweeted (32).

More Press: Live Tweeting Havering Police Make Seven Arrests (Romford Recorder, 17 June 2015).

“Yes police my car’s been sto - oh wait, I just parked it on another street” (London 24, 22 Jan 2015)

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